Who are we?  We are members of your Washington community, with no funding from out of state. We are Kathy Hennessy, vaccine advocate, autism mom, and special education teacher. We are Dr. Dino Ramzi a principal in a successful local practice in Clark County, the medical director of Camas/Washougal Compassion Care clinic, the President of the Clark County Medical Society and the Southwest chapter of the Washington Academy of Family Physicians.  We are Drs. Les Witherspoon and Elias Kass, of Naturopaths for Vaccines, both parents and naturopaths, practicing in the Seattle area.  We are many more people.  We are parents and Washington state community members working to improve public health in Washington by raising vaccination rates. Our Facebook group has over 300 members and is growing fast.

What is our mission?  Our mission is to improve public health in Washington by raising vaccination rates.  We know that people are concerned about vaccines and public health and most want to do what is best. We are worried about the misinformation and lies that have come from the “autism is damage” groups and some of those in alternative health groups who want to sell books and supplements more than they want children to be healthy. We fear people with good intentions have been misled. We support our family practitioners, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers, nearly all of whom are pro-vaccine because they know the science is clear – vaccines have infinitely greater benefits than risks.

Are we paid to post? Absolutely not. Vaccinate Washington currently has received no funding from anyone.

Where can I find facts about measles and vaccines?  Here are some links to help you:

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NDs for Vaccines blog

Vaxopedia – an A to Z guide to vaccines

CDC Pink Book 

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia vaccine ingredients guide

History of Vaccines website

Facts about vaccine reactions

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